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Bee Magnet Set

Bee Magnet Set

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Bee Magnet

Bee Magnet

Add a buzz of charm to your fridge with our Bee Magnet. Designed for bee enthusiasts and decor lovers, this premium cardstock magnet features a delightful bumble bee design. Measuring 3 inches wide, it brings a touch of whimsy to any magnetic surface. With its shaker design, it sparkles with glitter and sequins inside. Please note that while it adds a lovely decoration, this magnet is small and delicate, best suited for lightweight use. Holding multiple sheets of paper may exceed its weight limit. Decorate your fridge with the beauty of bees and let the Bee Magnet brighten your space. This set includes 2 different magnets.

Key Features

  • Delightful Bumble Bee Design: Our magnet showcases a charming bumble bee, perfect for bee enthusiasts and lovers of nature-inspired decor.
  • Premium Quality Materials: Made from high-quality cardstock, acetate, and magnetic backing, our bee magnet ensures durability and a secure hold.
  • Shaker Magnet Design: This magnet is not only visually appealing but also features glitter and sequins inside, adding a touch of sparkle and whimsy.
  • Perfect Size: Measuring 3 inches wide, our bee magnet is an ideal size for fridge display, bringing a cheerful vibe to your kitchen or magnetic surface.
  • Decorative and Versatile: Use our bee magnet as a decorative piece to enhance your space with bee-themed decor. It can also be a lovely gift for bee enthusiasts.

Product Details

Intended for anyone who adores bees and bee decorations, our Bee Magnet is a delightful addition to any home. Its purpose is to bring a touch of whimsy and nature-inspired beauty to your fridge or any magnetic surface. While it adds charm to your space, please remember that it is a small and delicate magnet best suited for lightweight use. Avoid placing heavy items or multiple sheets of paper beneath it, as it may exceed its weight limit or cause damage to the delicate cardstock material. Let the Bee Magnet brighten your day and spread the joy of buzzing bees in your kitchen or workspace.

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